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MudAi is a new space for humanity in the Metaverse with a strong focus on community.

MudAi Citizens will be able to:
Explore our decentralized universe
Setup house communities with DAO-based rules
Participate in the trading ecosystem (GameFi, NFTs, etc.)
Customise their own metaverse within MudAi ecosystem -

MudAi Ecosystem

Explore the MudAi Metaverse

Create your MudAi Profile

Customize and get your own exclusive MudAi avatar, minted on the blockchain as an NFT.

Own land in the MudAi Metaverse

Acquire rights to own land, and build your property on MudAi. Increase your land value over time.

Build and house DAO communities

Build amazing community rooms and host, meet, and socialise in your DAO community.

Set up NFT Galleries

Curate your NFT collection on MudAi. Increase the value of your land and trade NFTs.

Join the MudAi Community

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MudAi Tokenomics

Token Name: $MUDAI
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
Network: Ethereum, Astar, KCC, BSC, Syscoin, & Solana

Distribution Plan

Seed Round                        12%            12,000,000,000

Private Round                  10%             10,000,000,000

Public Round                       3%              3,000,000,000

KOL                                             5%              5,000,000,000

Team                                        18%           18,000,000,000

Treasury                               20%           20,000,000,000

Foundation                         14%            14,000,000,000

Partnerships                         8%            8,000,000,000

Liquidity & Listing             10%          10,000,000,000

                                                  100%       100,000,000,000
Total Supply

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Our Roadmap

Our progress thus far has been ahead of schedule, with the MudAi Metaverse being built in UE5 ahead of time.

Q4 2021

· Project conception
· Team recruitment
· Game development

Q1 2022

· Project Roadmap
· Direction
· Building MudAi Beta Launch

Q2 2022

· Fundraising (VCs)
· Affiliate partnerships
· Smart contract development

Q3 2022

· Formation of Metaverse
· Detailed features announcement
· Influencer partnerships
· Community development

Q4 2022

· TGE (Proposed)
· NFT Land Pre-sale
· Phased release of MudAi Game
· Start land development
· Formation of MudAi DAO

Meet team

The team building MudAi come from various backgrounds from blockchain industries, 3D conceptualization studios, gaming, and augmented reality industries, with around 20 members currently working on the MudAi ecosystem.

Introducing the core team members of MudAi:
Katey Park

Co-Founder & CEO

Zn Crawford



Art Director

Yuki Aoi


MudAi Technology

MudAi Partners

Integrated Blockchains
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Looking to Partner with MudAi?

We are looking to work with people and companies that are serious about the mass adoption of crypto, metaverse explorers, and those who wish to join MudAi around the world.
Contact MudAi

9kei LLC.
CapitaSpring, 88 Market Street, Singapore 048948